Réseau Koumbit

.dpi webzine


March 2007


October 2009

This mandate consisted in building websites for Réseau Koumbit inc., a Montreal-based non-profit IT service provider. It entailed the installation, configuration and graphic adaptation of Drupal-powered content management systems (through php and css file editing). One of the majors projects undertaken in 2007-2008 was the overhaul of Koumbit's own website, followed by the development of "sibling" websites, running on the same Drupal installation and sharing common visual elements.

The mandate was expanded to include the writing, translation and proofreading (in English and French) of the organization's communication materials, such as press releases, news articles, monthly newsletters and portfolio items. These tasks required fluency in many tools and protocols such as wikis, IRC, Drupal and Request Tracker.