International Economic Forum of the Americas

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November 2011


February 2012

The redesign of the IEFA websites was completed in partnership with Yann Fortier (project manager) and NEWAD (art direction). The contents of three different sites were migrated into a single platform, to provide more consistent URLs and a seamless navigation between the conferences and their host cities (Montreal, Toronto and Miami). Drupal was (and remains) the best-suited CMS for such an endeavour. Its Context module allowed us to fine-tune the sidebar contents, as well as the aesthetics of each section.

The client now benefits from the following:

  1. a better relationship between speakers, multimedia assets (photos, videos) and their respective conference sessions;
  2. improved SEO, since the conference's programs were converted from pdf to html.
  3. easy integration of speakers' photos and bios (or partner logos) into custom content types;
  4. economies of scale with regards to software maintenance.