Logo Drupal

Design of a conference website template with Drupal 9. Development of a cloning process, and customization of the clones according to the event specifications.

Creation of an online bookstore with a faceted search engine and "related content" views that provide a seamless navigation between authors, books, collections and other search topics.

The redesign of the IEFA websites was completed in partnership with Yann Fortier (project manager) and NEWAD (art direction). The contents of three different sites were migrated into a single platform, to provide more consistent URLs and a seamless navigation between the conferences and their host cities (Montreal, Toronto and Miami).

Design of the ECPAR website in collaboration with Perennia. (ECPAR is a Quebec-based working group on sustainable purchasing policies.)

Complete website overhaul for an architecture firm specialized in sustainable buildings.

Design of a cyberactivism and advocacy website which fosters democratic values such as transparency and freedom of speech in Canada.

This mandate consisted in building websites for Réseau Koumbit inc., a Montreal-based non-profit IT service provider. It entailed the installation, configuration and graphic adaptation of Drupal-powered content management systems, and was later expanded to include the writing, translation and proofreading of the organization's communication materials.

Powered by Drupal, the PatWhite.com collaborative blog was launched in August 2004 and remains active to this day, thanks to software upgrades spanning many versions of Drupal (from 4.6 to 7) and a major graphic overhaul by Zupton in 2015.

This African NGO portal was developed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in partnership with Alternatives , as part of an international development internship.