MediAmeri4 is a business founded in 1998 by Pierre-Etienne Paradis. Its Quebec registration number is 2247337357, and its headquarters are located in Quebec City.

The meaning of mediameriquat

While the name MediAmeri4 refers to the four most common languages in the Americas (Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese and French), the mediameriquat alternative spelling makes its pronunciation more consistent, and also evokes the hundreds of native idioms still in use troughout the Western Hemisphere. Although disappearing at an alarming rate, these idioms make an essential part of our common cultural heritage. No further proof is needed than the thousands of native geographical names dotting our maps: from Mississippi (USA) to Mississauga (Ontario); from Anticosti (Quebec) to Antofagasta (Chile). The domain is thus a virtual location which symbolizes the cultural unity of the Americas, through the fusion of its indigenous and european languages.